God Ain't Stingy (Genesis 2 Study Recap)

Taking a slow walk through the book of Genesis with a group of women has proven to be such a blessing. I so look forward Monday nights when we meet up. Here are some recap notes from Genesis chapter 2. 

Genesis 2 opens with God finishing up His work.

The author stresses the fact that this is God’s work as seen in verse 2 with six references to God.

God BLESSED and SET APART the seventh day. Why?

1. To give us an example of rest. Adam wasn’t commanded to rest but children of Israel were because they had seen God’s saving Hand in their deliverance. This is a picture of things to come. Exodus 20:8-11.

Today we now rest from the work of salvation because Jesus Christ did the work for us. He did the work of creation, we did nothing. Galatians 3:24, the Law showed us how to rest (temporarily). There was temporary rest. There was this continual atoning of sins with sacrifices. But now we rest. Hebrews 4:9-11. Entering God’s rest = entering into salvation.

VERSE 4 These are the generations serves as a transition since the original manuscript would not have had transitional markers like we use. Generations are seen 10 times in Genesis. It serves to say, this is wrapping up what just happened, now let’s look ahead.

We then move from a panoramic (zoom out view) to a zoom in view in verse 5 to show God’s personal involvement.

Genesis 2 gives us a continued picture of God’s care and provision for His creation--namely us!

God’s sovereignty is revealed in:

1. where people lived verse 2:8

2. what they were to do verse 2:15

3. what they were to eat verse 2:9

As the view changes, we see  God “getting His hands dirty” as He created man from the dust of the earth.

God provides for man: purpose and provision. God is concerned about every area of our lives! He gives Adam a job for pleasure.

In the Garden God shows His generous supply in provision and relationship.

God sets up His first tabernacle in the Garden as we see Him dwelling there.

God gives man Gen: 1:29 every plant yielding seeds ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH and every tree with seed in its fruit.

THEN God provides companionship for Adam in the form of Eve. But He didn’t just plop her down, He paraded the animals so Adam would have a felt need.

Woman is a mirror image of Adam. One corresponding to Him, not with equal roles or strengths, but with complementary characteristics as evidences in their physical makeup. Strength/Softness

Chapter 2 ends with the first marriage. God intended for marriages to be marked by:

Nakedness and not ashamed
Leaving (which Adam did not have to do, but have to teach his children to do.)
Cleaving (which we will see Adam demonstrate in the next chapter.)

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