Delight, Death and the Downward Spiral (Genesis 3 Study Recap)

In Genesis 3, we see that God is personal AND redemptive in nature versus man who is sinful by nature. (This marks the continued contrast of light & dark established in the creation story.)

We know what goes down in Genesis 3, but let’s first take a look at where Adam & Eve fell from.

Garden of Eden is a type of the first tabernacle/temple: God’s dwelling place on earth. It was known as the Garden of Delights. This was a place of provision and Divine presence: a dwelling place where humanity is in the presence of God continually. Let’s look at the parallels

  • It’s eastward (2:8). The tabernacle’s entrance faces eastward Numbers 3:38 and so did the temple’s Ezekiel 47:1
  • Rivers flowed out of it. 2:10-11 like the future Jerusalem temple Ezekiel 47:1-12; Zechariah 14:8
  • Gold & onyx 2:12 decorates the tabernacle Ex. 2: 7, 17,31 and priestly garments Exodus 25:7.
  • Adam was to work/keep guard (protecting sacred space like the priests--which he didn’t do) just like the cherubim Num. 3:7-8, Num. 8:26; Num. 18:5-6
  • God walked with Adam & Eve = meaning His presence was there. Lev. 26:12
  • Cherubim guarded Eden Ex. 25:18-22, Ex. 26:31, I Kings 6:23,

Satan comes to Eve with a question filled with doubt, lies and an appeal to walk in pride. These are the same tactics he uses today, same that got him booted out of God's presence. And so begins the character assassination of God. John 8:44

Eve’s had several missteps. 3:2-6

  • Not knowing the Word, which is the way to fight Satan’s temptations. Notice this all takes place IN the Garden. Jesus tempted when he was FULL of the Holy Spirit.
  • She made God restrictive. 3:2-3
  • She added to God’s Word 3:3b

Satan’s doubt, lies and appeal to Eve’s pride caused her to:

Consider / Delight (even thought she was in the Garden of Delight) / Take / Eat / Give

Eve was deceived. Adam wasn’t (I Timothy 2:14.). Might his call to cleave to his wife influenced his decision to partake of the fruit?

Sin has a domino effect:

Satan -> Eve -> Adam -> Earth -> All mankind

There is temptation when if yielded to leads to sin which leads to judgment.

Adam and Eve's actions proved unsatisfactory.

  • They sewed fig leaves & would have to keep sewing them to keep covered.
  • Hid themselves
  • They blamed Adam -> Eve -> Serpent

God still came to Adam.  He “walked” which is an anthropomorphism: human attributes ascribed to God. This is also the first theophany: an appearance  of God to humans that can be processed by human senses. A common theophany is a whirlwind which is most likely why “the cool of the day” (spirit/wind) was indicated. God walked...He did not run or stomp. He came in kindness/love.

Sin immediately separates.

Adam & Eve hid. Jeremiah 23:24. They were unrepentant and blamed.

Adam’s shame of his nakedness pointed to his guilt.

Verse 9 singular you, God is speaking to Adam. who got the first commands. We already see the consequences in play. He is responsible.

Their sin = not just disobedience

  • love of self
  • dishonor to God & His Word
  • ingratitude of His generous provision
  • a preference to hearing the creature over the Creator

A Curse and Consequences

Serpent on his belly a picture of God’s enemy being made docile and defeated.

Eve will give birth in pain and Adam will produce food in pain. Their original roles now involve difficulty: Be fruitful and keep the garden.

Note *parallel structure of how God spoke to each after their sin.

God questions:









The Hope in the Midst of Judgment

3:20 Adam renames Eve (meaning Life or Living) He did not condemn her but spoke prophetically to her and about her.

3:21 The first blood sacrifice & the crimson thread begins.. which is Jesus. God showed them how. He removed their self righteousness (fig leaves) and replaced them with His covering.  

1. Blood was shed.

2. Something innocent died for the guilty

Disallowed from Delight

So that they would not eat from the Tree of Life and live forever in sin.

v. 24 So he drove the man out. Drove = to drive out from a possession. especially to expatriate or divorce

Cherubumins placed east of the garden: the entrance to protect them from direct communion with God.

This banishment marked a loss of dominion for Adam.