Planner Peace: Introducing My Midori Traveler's Notebook

I think I may have stumbled upon planner peace...again. 

Last year, I settled in nicely with the kate spade Wellesley planner and  I loved it. It was compact, it zipped and it doubled as my wallet. The only thing I discovered that I didn't like is that if I wanted to move things around, I had to hole punch inserts and re-laminate dividers. It never happened, so half of my planner went unused.

Then late last year, I watched a video on the Midori Traveler's Notebook. I'd seen them before, but never understood how it worked. This video summed it up so well, that I was sold. I researched and found that Amazon had the best price for the regular size brown notebook for around $30 (most places sell them for $50).

Once I got it in the mail and smelled the scent of the heavenly leather, I was sold. I currently have four notebooks and am loving the versatility of it. I also love that the size is bigger than my kate spade which was cramped when it came to writing space. 

Planners are a big deal to me. I used to use my iPhone for reminders and such, but once the alert went off, I would forget about my reminders and appointments. I previously had a Martha Stewart Discbound planner, which is now discontinued, but the discs made it cumbersome to carry around in my purse. 

So here's a peek at my Midori Traveler's Notebook. I'm still moving in and have some items on my "to buy" list so it's a work in progress.

I have four notebooks inserted: a monthly and weekly calendar (which I printed and stitched myself thanks to a free download from My Life All In One Place.) I have a lined notebook that I bought from Daiso (I cut its width to fit) and the blank Kraft notebook that came with my Midori Travelers Notebook. 

I also have a plastic insert with pockets on one side and zippered pocket on the other side for cash etc. I must say I am loving the flexibility of this system so far and am looking to purchase a pen loop and a few other things. I am constantly being inspired by other notebooks that I see on my social media feeds, so I know my set up will be constantly evolving.

So there's my new system for 2016. Are you a planner addict too? I'd love to see what you're using this year to stay organized.