What Is the More God Is Calling You To?

 Photo credit: Ryan McGilcrist/magdeline.co

Photo credit: Ryan McGilcrist/magdeline.co

This week, the director of the ministry school I attend charged us with asking God this one question: "Lord, what is the "more" that You are calling me to?"

All of us have something that God has laid on our hearts. Maybe it's more prayer, more giving, or more forgiveness. We all have an inkling of that thing or things that God is requiring us to put more of ourselves into for the new year.

As I spent time in prayer contemplating that question, God let me know exactly the "more" that He's calling me to:

  • More faith in His exceedingly abundant ways. God has laid on my heart to believe that He can really do what He said He can do. Sadly, I often sell God short and don't pray big enough because my view of Him has been diminished in some way--due to lack of answered prayer, discouragement, etc. Last year marked a big leap in my faith in many areas of life and I know God is calling me to stretch my faith in new (and very scary) ways.
  • More authority walking. God has granted me power that He expects me to use. I've been neglecting to use what He's giving me and then complaining when things overtake me. I think of Luke 10:19: "Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you." So this year calls for more fighting AND conquering.
  • More use of the gifts and talents He's given me. I need to use everything gift He's given me to the fullest--despite if I feel I'm equipped. Pour everything talent out now so that I can die empty. Gifts are no use in the grave.

So that's my list of the more that God is calling me to. What is the "more" that God is calling you to? Take a little time to pray and seek God's face, He will show you.