Life According to Instagram: July 2014 edition

I love the little happy snippets of life that are captured on Instagram. 

  1.  Toy shopping for girls is fun. I love being a girl mom.
  2. Baby girl is such a comforter...especially when a brother has a meltdown.
  3. I love Saturday night church!
  4. Been trying to slow down for bedtime stories.
  5. Celebrated baby girl's two years on the blog.
  6. Enjoyed great SoCal weather on baby girl's second birthday.
  7. Chuck E. Cheese on a Monday is a great place to be. So empty.
  8. Life is messy most days.
  9. Happy birthday to me! 
  10. Celebrated our pastor's return to the pulpit after a bad boating accident.
  11. Tea anyone?
  12. Little helpers in the kitchen are always welcome.
  13. 1st time meeting over dessert with long-time online friend Adrienne (she's a gem).
  14. Lots of park time this summer to wear the kids out.
  15. I just love her.
  16. The boys NOT bickering for a change....miracles do exist.
  17. Nutella popsicles are EVERYthang.
  18. Lunch with Mrs. Count another long time blog friends. Our kids hit it off.
  19. Slaters 50/50 in Pasadena is heavenly...and I'm not even a burger lover.
  20. Entered a giveaway because I want and need the ESV Journaling Bible.
  21. Soul food

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